Duncan Brine aka Garden Large | New York Botanical Garden Seminar

    • Discover a contextual approach to shaping landscape and garden space. A design method
      is outlined which bases decision-making on the characteristics of the site, not conventional
      style or structure. Topics include connecting spaces, the relationship between background and foreground, transparency, and framing views. The instructor illustrates his talk with images of his 6-acre naturalistic garden.


      Instructor: Duncan Brine


      Friday, February 24, 2012, 10am – 12pm




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New Landscape Book to Love: Lauded by Louv and Tallamy

    • “A first-rate model for forward thinking landscapers everywhere. It’s time to bring nature back into our lives, and this book shows us how.”—Richard Louv, author, The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods

      “From initial design to plant choice to installation, this book will guide you in the creation of a beautiful, functional, and enriching landscape, regardless of the size of your property or budget.”—Douglas W. Tallamy, author, Bringing Nature Home


      A new way of thinking about landscaping home grounds and public spaces, Revised and Expanded


      Most landscape manuals describe a linear sequence of processes: design, plant selection, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Integrated Landscaping is different. It uses natural ecosystems as models, taking a nonlinear, holistic approach that addresses these processes simultaneously. Integrated Landscaping treats each site as a system of plant and animal communities, considering their interrelationships with each other and their environment.


      Click here for TABLE OF CONTENTS

    • 3083490560 1ba821a9a0 m New Landscape Book to Love: Lauded by Louv and Tallamy Brine Garden: Stream in fall

Photography in the Style of Traditional Chinese Painting

  • This series of images was brought to my attention by a college friend now living in the northwest.
  • 3082653869 3e5164b7b6 m Photography in the Style of Traditional Chinese PaintingBrine Garden dreaming of Chinese painting

High Line Influences Singapore’s Green Corridor (Video)

    • …away from the crowds and noise is an unexpected sanctuary: a 26-kilometer, century-old defunct railway connecting Singapore to Malaysia, which environmental groups dream of turning into Singapore’s own version of New York’s High Line, the former elevated rail line that was converted into a trendy urban nature walk through Manhattan’s Meatpacking District and Chelsea neighborhoods.
      Singapore is positioning to be “A city in the Garden”. Julia and I were there briefly, years ago, moving quickly in the blazing heat in search of shadows at midday. The Japanese and Chinese Gardens in the city center are memorable as are the traveller’s palms, sentries in front of the old Raffles Hotel. 

New England Moves to Preserve a More Recent Heritage

    • While their creations might seem out of place here, they match the ideals of Thoreau, said Alexander Gorlin, an architect whose book with the photographer Geoffrey Gross, “Tomorrow’s Houses: New England Modernism,” came out this year.

      Mr. Gorlin said the plain, functional style of modernism, meant to blend into the landscape, echoed Thoreau’s desire to live simply and in harmony with nature. Gropius, he added, was inspired by another early New England thinker, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Is either contemporary or traditional architecture inherently more suitable for rural landscape?

1518050241 62e687c027 m New England Moves to Preserve a More Recent Heritage Brine home in Brine Garden