Duncan Brine


Duncan Brine - Principal Landscape Designer

Duncan Brine, Princeton ‘79, is a principal landscape designer at GardenLarge and a landscape design instructor at the New York Botanical Garden.

“Mr. Brine calls it “structured naturalism.” And it is, of course. But there is also drama at play here: The plants have been given unexpected roles, in unusual places, and the delight comes in seeing what they will do on this ever-changing stage.”


“Mr. Brine shapes a landscape as a filmmaker would a story, conceiving it as an unfolding narrative, he said, “only discovered by moving through space.” With a cameraman’s eye, he knows how to take the evocative long view of a wild black locust grove against the marsh, for example, as well as the close-up. He sees how one plant influences the shape or color of another in its proximity, with its shade or by leaning this way or that.”

– The New York Times, Anne Raver

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“Brine, who grew up in Rye in Westchester and on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, began his career in the theater, intending to be a director. A stint in Los Angeles doing film production work was ‘a pause along the way,’ he says.”

— Hudson Valley Magazine,
Best of the Hudson Valley, Lynn Hazlewood



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