The Brine Garden is a chapter of “Gardens of the Hudson Valley”

“The line between art and nature has never seemed so blurred as it is in the Brine Garden.”

Gardens of the Hudson Valley

Legendary American landscape design figures—Alexander Jackson Downing, Frederick Law Olmsted, Beatrix Farrand, and Fletcher Steele—all worked in the Hudson Valley.

Gardens of the Hudson Valley celebrates the historic and artistic landscape. Photographers Steve Gross and Susan Daly specialize in architecture, interiors, gardens, travel and lifestyle. Steve and Sue have selected twenty-five gardens between Yonkers and Hudson, including the fabled estate gardens – Kykuit, Boscobel, and Olana (open to the public) and private gardens that combine sweeping views and lush plantings.

Garden writers Susan Lowry and Nancy Berner are the authors of Garden Guide: New York City, revised edition, 2010, Norton. In Gardens of the Hudson Valley they describe each of the gardens, focusing on the history of the site and the strategies for design and plant materials.

Forward by Gregory Long, president of The New York Botanical Garden
Monacelli Press
Publication date: October 19, 2010glcom-hero5putty170.jpg
ISBN: 978-1-58093-277-6 (1-58093-277-0)

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The Garden Conservancy’s Open Day at the Brine Garden– Pawling, NY in 2010

Duncan Brine in the American Gardener, published by the American Horticultural Society

The American Gardener with Stellar Stonecrops on the cover.

Inviting Nature into Your Garden by Duncan Brine
If you’re starting a new garden or contemplating a redesign, consider a naturalistic approach, which has renewed relevance in today’s environment.